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BET surface area measurement and its importance in heterogeneous catalysis

November 9, 2023
What is BET surface area measurement? BET surface area measurement is a technique used to determine the total surface area of a solid material, such…

Japan and green ammonia

December 6, 2022
We've just returned from Osaka, Japan, where we've discussed new developments in catalyst design regarding green ammonia production. We are excited to further innovate and…

CECAM 2022 in Berlin

August 6, 2022
Last week we were at the “Modelling Materials at Realistic time Scales via Optimal Exploitation of Exascale Computers and Artificial Intelligence” co-organized by CECAM in…

LOHCs and Catalysts

June 29, 2022
What is LOHC? LOHC stands for Liquid organic hydrogen carrier. LOHC is a material that is used for storage and transportation of hydrogen. Let's break…

Power-to-X event in Aarhus

June 7, 2022
Power to "X" is one of the key measures toward decarbonizing our energy economy and building an energy infrastructure that can be sustained without burning…

C2CAT recipient of “Oracle For Research” Grant

May 26, 2022
C2CAT is a proud recipient of 42,000 EUR “Oracle For Research” Grant. The grant will give us access to the modern, cutting-edge cloud-based HPC infrastructure…