Our Team

Founder & Director

Farnaz Sotoodeh

PhD in Chemical Engineering, Heterogeneous Catalysis for Hydrogen Storage

Farnaz has obtained her PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, Canada. She is specialised in the field of heterogeneous catalysis for hydrogen storage on LOHCs, and has several years of experience in both academia and commercial research. Farnaz is an expert in synthesising high-performance catalysts.

At C2CAT, Farnaz leads the implementation of fundamental discoveries into synthesis of novel and tailor-made catalysts.

Digital Chemistry Developer

Paul Danileyko

B.A. Web Developer and Programmer

Paul is a web developer and a creative programmer. He designs innovative solutions by applying his computer skills to various applications.

At C2CAT, Paul helps develop our digital chemistry platform for the design of novel nano-active materials.

Marketing & Communications Outreach

Doris van den Heuvel

M.Sc. in Industrial Design and Innovation

Doris is a creative designer with the expertise in combining product, graphic design, art and photography to make people happy and the world a little better, always.

At C2CAT, Doris leads the industrial design and communications outreach activities.