C2CAT develops and synthesises catalysts for LOHC applications. LOHCs, Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers, are used as media for chemical storage of hydrogen. Since hydrogen is the lightest element in the universe, physical storage of hydrogen involves high pressures or cryogenic temperatures which are costly and have safety concerns. Therefore, chemical hydrogen storage on liquid media are very advantageous. This minimises the need for infrastructure change.

Consider a molecule with several double bonds such as the one shown below:

We can store H2 on this molecule by a catalytic hydrogenation reaction under certain temperature and pressure. The results will be the following:

This molecule is our "H2 fuel"! We will just need to transport this "fuel" to where H2 is needed and then release H2, this time via a catalytic de-hydrogenation reaction.

At C2CAT, we develop selective and active catalysts that can store and release hydrogen via catalytic hydrogenation and de-hydrogenation reactions.